Its May!

My blog started so well! I was swimming along…but then the dreaded February came with a host of sad anniversaries and my head went down under the water. March helped me come up for air and April positively threw me out the water!

This year I have already made some grown up choices. I decided to finish with work and spend more time in my garden and enjoying my herbal apprenticeship. Life will be “leaner” and yet fuller! Strange also that my herbal ally is Fennel..(my maiden name is Fennell) and I think I chose it with this is mind. This year I am choosing to spend some more time reflecting on who I am and what I do. its May and EVERYTHING is growing and wonderful.

Its back to my allotment where my fennel is still thriving and has self seeded as I had hoped. I’m not sure if you can see from these pictures but the colour of the fronds is almost iridescent. After removing some weeds from around the bases I snapped off some tops to bring back home for a herbal tea.

A beautiful fresh aniseed, sweet and clean made the tea easy to drink. I am looking forwards to getting to know you Miss Fennel(l)..